I am worthy of my wildest dreams.

Reading those words was a kick in the ball-skirt when I needed it most. Our family recently celebrated a milestone moment that was 26 years in the making. The celebration required tremendous planning and time away from the Seaport Sweetheart Designs studio. Don't misunderstand me - I was delighted to be away for such an occasion but, I started to feel off. I also started looking at the many professional disappointments compiled over the last 3 years and I quickly sank into a personal pity party. 

It embarrasses me to share this with you but, I think we can all relate to a moment like this. Let's face it: disappointment is often hard to overcome. 

Oh, but when we get our footing back underneath us, lookout!  I am worthy of my wildest dreams. It was fuel to my fire this morning as I read those words over and over again. Trial and error is not just part of business but it's a part of life. I AM worthy of any dream I have, big or small, and it is my intention to work even harder to see those dreams become reality. 

We are all worth of our wildest dreams but it will come at the cost of hard work, discipline, routine, and consistency. Now that the dust has settled from so much celebration and the arrival of family and friends, I am returning to the Seaport Sweetheart Designs studio with renewed energy, a clear mind, and my wildest dreams in clear focus. 

Go for your wildest dreams. Rise, fall, learn from your mistakes, accept the many no's with grace but use the experience to regroup and set out again. Be bold, be daring, let your dreams be as wild as you want them to be, and don't let anyone tell you differently. 

Take care of each other sweethearts, 


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