The last three weeks in our home have been an exciting whirlwind! In addition to the long awaited return of my husband on St. Patrick's Day, I was busy preparing our home for his retirement party at the end of his 26 years of faithful and honorable service in the United States Navy. The large party took place just two days after he came home - whew! 

Our home was filled only with love on Saturday evening. Love for my husband, love for our family, love for his service, and love for our country. There was laughter through our tears, toasts and cheers, and great appreciation for the selfless service of the man God created for me. 

In a short span of just 48 hours, we bid farewell to the lifestyle we have known for the 24 years we have been together. This ending is bittersweet but the countless cherished memories will be with me always. The Navy introduced me to some of the most amazing women, fellow sea sisters, that one could dream of meeting. 

They are strong and protective, compassionate and empathetic. They will hold your hand when the goodbyes are inevitable and they will hold you in prayer in good times and bad. These women pave a path in their communities through volunteerism and charitable endeavors. They carry the burden of their spouse's worry with the same ease as they carry their children to bed. 

It has been a great privilege to know these men and women and to call so many of them a friend. A blessing when I have least expected and never failed to exceed any expectations placed upon them. 

It does not matter the length of any of these friendships or challenges presented by distance. What matters is that these amazing, phenomenal, beautifully impressive women were a part of my life, many are still a part of my life, played a part of our family's success as a military family, and for that I am forever grateful. 

Thank you, sea sisters, for your unwavering commitment to your family, your military family, your faith, and our country. May God hold you all in the palm of His hand. 

Take care of each other, sweethearts. 


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