This past December I celebrated a milestone birthday and I have experienced some of the most wonderful changes. My mindset has changed. With age has come the most amazing wisdom! Perhaps we learn from hindsight rather than age but, whatever the reason, this new feeling is phenomenal! 

Simplicity is key. Simplicity is easy. Simplicity is beautiful. 

Learning to keep things simple, taking additional time to finish tasks has become rewarding. Realizing the unnecessary stress I was placing on myself was eye-opening. Why was I rushing myself when there was no rush in the first place? 

Perhaps that is the beauty that comes with age. It is not a physical, outward beauty, but rather a beauty that is found inside. It doesn't need makeup as it resonates in the way we hold our heads higher. We walk with more ease and greater confidence and we smile more brightly. 

I no longer feel guilty for keeping within my limits and I no longer find shame in choosing not to step outside of what feels comfortable for me. My simplicity is mine to keep and requires no explanation. 

I worked hard to get to this point, I am proud to be where I am at the age I am, and I look forward to the year ahead prepared to speak up when necessary, walk away when best, and remind myself that simple is beautiful. 

Be kind to one another, sweethearts. 




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